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Why Moz DA is Useless to Some but Useful to Many

Why Moz DA is Useless to Some but Useful to Many


In the yesterday post, I said in order to improve the Moz DA of your site, you need to get a backlink from the site that has already good DA.
Because the link juice is passed from high DA to low DA as Google Pagerank works (but it stopped showing to the public)
Why It is Useful to Many

If you have high DA PA, you can sell a guest post on your a site at a higher price. PBNs service works on the same logic.

The American can give you 300 to 500$ if you have a blog having more than DA 50.
Why It is Useless to Some

If you are not interested in selling your guest post, then DA doesn’t matter. Moz uses crawlers to crawl the internet to discover the backlinks. As it finds many backlinks, it updates the DA PA of the site.

Google Crawler is a million times better than Moz, and a faster too. It can discover more backlinks as well as it does other things also – ranking a site based on 200 ranking factors.
Google doesn’t even look at the Moz DA PA, Ahrefs DR UR, Majestic TF CF.

Google is more than 700 billion dollars company; it doesn’t need data or engineers from such millionaires companies.

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