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Web Design & Developer Course Syllabus/Modules


Course Overview:

A web developer is someone who constructs the code that builds websites and tells our internet browsers – like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari – how to display them.

Maybe you are surfing the internet for the perfect training center to make you a web developer. Or perhaps you are a student who wants to earn some part-time money. You could be a work home mom, a web designer willing to master web development, or you could be a wannabe full-time professional freelancer in web development. Whoever you might be and whatever your reason for choosing to learn web development, this is the perfect place for you to learn the 360-degree aspects of Web Development.

We don’t believe in providing shallow on how to ….. type of course. Our only motto is to make an expert out of you and the way to do that, we give hands-on training, where we will be with you in every step of the way. Our experienced & expert trainer won’t just show you the course in a robotic manner. He will make you apply the very thing you have learned in the course so that you can grasp every part of the course and can apply the concepts demonstrated without being confused, anxious or angry on yourself.

Check out our course outline, class schedule, and learning outcome to have an understanding of our offering. Our assurance is that completing this course with us will make you a skilled professional with an enhanced chance of expertise & employability. So, grab this opportunity to become a master in Web Development by being with us.


  • No pre-knowledge is required – enthusiasm is all you need!
  • A PC or Mac is required with an internet connection.
  • You need a computer with an internet connection and a browser.
  • You don’t need to have any coding or programming skills.
  • You will learn how to create a website on your own computer but if you want to get a domain name and web hosting there are some costs involved.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to start Developing Web Sites.
  • Enthusiastic students who want to become web development freelancers.
  • Designers who want a quick solution to creating dynamic web sites
  • Programmers who want to get started with the Web Development platform
  • Contractors and Freelancers who want to add Web Development to their skill set.
  • This course is for small business owners
  • This course is for online marketers
  • This course is for students
  • This course is for affiliate marketers
  • This course is for almost ANYONE!
  • Anyone interested in creating their very own website
  • Small Business Owners who are looking to create a business website
  • Creative individuals who want a different view on designing their website
  • Someone who simply wants to learn how to make a website with ease
  • You don’t want to learn how to code, but want to make an amazing website



What you’ll learn

  • Setting up your Website Domain Name & Hosting
  • Learn how to set up a Wordpress website on a local development server
  • You will become a WordPress Expert
  • Make Passive Income $$
  • Learn about the Wordpress installation and files can be modified.
  • Learn how to develop a simple custom theme and activate it
  • Learn the proper way to include the CSS and script files in the theme
  • learn how to activate theme features such as custom menus, custom Logo and featured images
  • Learn how to customize any page by creating custom page templates
  • Learn how to move a development website on a local server to a live server
  • You will learn how to use sidebars or widgets anywhere on your website
  • Bid for a project on freelancing sites
  • Be a flexible front-end developer
  • Build HTML-based mobile apps
  • Build websites and web apps
  • Start your own online business Learn how to create a completely unique and custom WordPress website
  • Create a professional website to represent your personal brand
  • Be skilled with databases
  • How to become a Wordpress expert. Create beautiful pages, post and portfolio items using this amazing editor.
  • Download, install and configure external WordPress plugins.
  • How to create an eCommerce Website
  • How to optimize your website for Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • How to backup, export and move your website to a different domain.
  • How to create websites for clients and even start your own web design company



If you want to build a Wordpress website or if you want to create a custom website – this is for you.



  • If you want to start a blog.
  • If you’re a photographer or have a portfolio of work that you want to share
  • If you’re a small to medium size business
  • If you’re an entrepreneur
  • If you’re a freelancer
  • If you want to learn how to make websites for a living
  • If you want to start making passive income ($$$)
  • If you like learning a skill set that will set you apart

Content Planning/Course Module:


  • Introduction with the Students
  • About the Instructor
  • Introduction to Wordpress Design and Development
  • Discussion About Freelancing
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Introduction to HTML & CSS
  • Installing Wordpress in Our Hosting
  • The complete idea about WordPress Dashboard
  • Introduction to WordPress Themes
  • Introduction to WordPress Plugins
  • Difference Between Paid Hosting And Free Hosting?


Domain Name

  • What is Domain Name & How to Register a Domain Name?
  • Select Domain Name
  • Which Domain LTD Better
  • Register Your Own Domain Name
  • Domain Registration Website Details


Website Hosting

  • What Is Website Hosting?
  • Buy Website Hosting For Your Website
  • Finding Your DNS (domain name servers) And Pointing Them To Your New Hosting
  • Link Your Domain in Your Website Hosting
  • Create E-Mail ID in Your C Panel


Website Introduction

  • What is WordPress
  • Install WordPress on your Hosting
  • Installing WordPress from Cpanel using Softaculous software
  • Installing WordPress Manually from Cpanel
  • Manage Appearance in Wordpress
  • What is a theme
  • Plugins In Wordpress
  • Make Your Website Save Using HttpS
  • Manage Users in WP?
  • Tools In Wp?
  • Create a Website/Blog in Wordpress
  • Why You Should Use Wordpress?


Designing & Customizing WordPress Website

  • Installing or Changing the Theme of WordPress Website
  • Logging In to a WordPress Site
  • Added Widgets in WordPress Theme
  • Creating Menus in WP Dashboard
  • The Code Editor in WordPress DB
  • Premium Theme Options
  • Customize Theme Settings
  • Create a Free Logo
  • Categories and Tags in WordPress
  • Comments in WordPress
  • Custom Content Types in WordPress
  • Using Media in WordPress
  • Adding Images to a Post or Page in WordPress
  • How to Create Image Gallery in WordPress
  • Native Audio Files Support in WordPress
  • Native Video Files Support in WordPress
  • Embedding External Media in WordPress
  • Learn How to Modify WordPress Permalinks
  • Designing a simple theme
  • Making the header and footer dynamic
  • Working in wp-content fields
  • You’ve created a simple theme
  • Classic editor
  • How to Create Page
  • How to install the FREE theme
  • How to use the Media library
  • How to Create posts
  • Post Categories
  • How to create a logo
  • Activating the slider
  • Customize WordPress Theme
  • Post, Categories & Pages?
  • How to Create Menu in WordPress?
  • Media & Comments in WordPress?
  • How to Design Post and Pages?
  • The WordPress Dashboard
  • How to Change your WordPress password
  • E-Mail Subscription Plugin in WP


WordPress Admin Settings

  • Introduction to WordPress Settings
  • A Review of User Roles
  • WordPress General Settings
  • WordPress Writing Settings
  • WordPress Reading Settings
  • WordPress Discussion Settings
  • WordPress Media Settings
  • WordPress Permalink Settings
  • WordPress Plugin Settings Pages


WP Setting & Plugin Installation

  • The Plugin Installation Part in WordPress
  • Important SEO, Security & Customization Plugins To Install
  • Managing or Adding Users in WordPress Dashboard
  • Import & Export Options


WordPress Plugins

  • Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Contact Form 7
  • WP All in One Migration | Backup Your Site
  • Akismet
  • Create A Contact Form Using Happy Forms
  • Create A Portfolio for Free Using This Portfolio Plugin
  • E-Mail Subscription Plugin in WP
  • WooCommers for E-commerce
  • SEO Plugin
  • JetPack
  • Finding and Installing Plugins
  • Customize And Manage
  • Advanced Contact Form Plugin
  • Add Facebook Plugins to WordPress
  • Poll, Survey, Quiz & Form Plugins in WordPress


Create Additional WordPress Pages

  • Build WordPress About Page
  • Create Testimonial Page
  • Learn How to Make Employee Page
  • Create a Portfolio Gallery
  • Make Contact Us Page
  • Create FAQ Page
  • Create a Shop Page
  • Create a Privacy Policy Page
  • Create Terms & Conditions Page


WordPress User Roles

  • An Overview of User Roles in WordPress
  • Default User Fields in WordPress
  • Super Admins and Administrators in WordPress
  • The Editor Role in WordPress
  • The Author Role in WordPress
  • The Contributor Role in WordPress
  • The Subscriber Role in WordPress
  • Custom User Roles in WordPress
  • Managing User Roles in WordPress


Create a Blog Post Section

  • Learn How to Publish Blog Posts
  • Customize WordPress Sidebar
  • Create a Blog Post Page


Customize Header and Footer

  • Create a Custom Header Menu
  • Customize WordPress Footer
  • Edit Copyright


Extending your theme

  • Customizing your theme
  • The Wordpress Loop
  • The Wordpress Loop cont.
  • Understanding the Wordpress page templates
  • Create menus
  • Sidebars and widgets
  • Create some custom page templates for your theme
  • Create a theme thumbnail
  • Make that theme yours
  • Great job on the new theme!

Filling out the theme and planning for errors

  • Filling out your theme
  • The 404 page
  • Using “wp query()” To Create a Category Page
  • Create a search form template
  • Creating a basic custom post type
  • Displaying custom post types
  • Creating your own custom post type
  • Wordpress is quite adaptable.

Customizing your page

  • Backgrounds and Custom Features
  • Backgrounds, header images, and custom logos
  • The post featured image
  • Using the Customizer
  • Organize your CSS
  • Use a custom field to change a template component
  • Custom Fields


Making the Website Mobile Friendly

  • An introduction to media queries
  • The Viewport Tag
  • Why is “responsive” important
  • Install Bootstrap
  • Rows and columns
  • Headlines and Typography
  • Applying styles to your website
  • What you just learned will help you with Child Themes


A chip off the old block: child themes

  • Easier and smarter ways to create Wordpress themes
  • Choosing the right parent theme.
  • Child Theme: Roll Your Own or use Pre-Built
  • The Bare Necessities Of A Child Theme
  • Pulling In The Parent’s Framework
  • Make the Child Theme Your Own
  • Create your own CSS rules
  • You Can Customize with CSS But We Want More!


Training the Theme to Do Your Will

  • Creating custom templates
  • How Is the Parent Theme Organized?
  • Choosing the Template Files We Will Need
  • Customize The Header and Footer
  • PHP Template
  • PHP Template cont.
  • Index and single templates
  • Create your own page templates
  • Child Themes Flexibility

A child theme starts to grow up

  • Growing your Child Theme
  • Create a Widget Page
  • Get Comfortable with the Developer Tools
  • Identify ID and Classes
  • Where do your styles go
  • Change the Styles without Breaking the Site
  • Differentiating your Child Theme
  • Creating a Whole New Website In Half the Time

Styling images in Wordpress

  • Add some style
  • Creating custom image sizes
  • Force the Quality of WordPress Images
  • Image Links
  • Styling Featured Images
  • Replace the Color Swatches
  • Make a custom image size for your featured image
  • No Need to Accept the Status Quo

Pushing Wordpress Online

  • Getting your WordPress Site Live
  • Add Your Own Sidebars
  • Multiple Posts Pages
  • Categories and Tags on Pages
  • Change the Copyright Line
  • Preparing to move WordPress to a live server
  • Ready to go live?
  • Two Ways to Build WordPress Sites

Create an eCommerce website using WooCommerce

  • Overview of what you will learn
  • Install and Configure WooCommerce
  • Shop Sidebar
  • Shop Page
  • Create a Simple Product
  • Create a Variable Product
  • Create a Digital Product
  • Create a Grouped Product
  • Create a Downloadable Product
  • Create an Affiliate Product
  • Create a WooCommerce Sidebar with Widgets
  • Configure the Shop Page
  • Create Coupon Codes
  • Add Shipping Rates
  • Setup WooCommerce Taxes
  • Configure the WooCommerce Settings
  • The Order Process
  • Product Reviews


Building Personal/Portfolio Website

  • Personal Website Guide
  • Header Image and Site Logo
  • Creating and Editing Menus
  • Contact Page
  • Page Examples: Freelancing Page
  • Page Examples: Consulting Page
  • Page Examples: Videos Page
  • About Page
  • Services and Skills Section
  • Short About Section
  • Portfolio Section
  • Sponsors, Featured on or Partners Section
  • Blog Section
  • Mailing List Section
  • Testimonials Section
  • Front Page Video
  • Footer Section
  • Site Icon
  • Editing The Sidebar



  • Earn Money 500$ Monthly Throw Website
  • Earn Money With Develop Website Service
  • Basic Larne About Freelancing
  • Bonus Lecture For My Students/Learners


Professional Course On Website Design & Development (Wordpress) by MD Omar Makki (Basic To Advance)
Professional Course On Website Design & Development (Wordpress) by MD Omar Makki (Basic To Advance)


This course will give you all the best information to learn WordPress and how to use it and how it works, we offer practices in editing for contents and managing for the site and how to customize it. by the way you will learn how to create and manage hosting package on the server to setup the word press then you will be able to start learning how to customize your web site by WordPress, then you will be able to manage and create the contents of your web site likes pages and posts   with categories and tags you will take all information to add menu and widgets for the site then you will be able to choose the theme of the site which will provide how the web site looks and feel will be, you will be able to customize the theme will all activities and parts , well will discuss for 5 different themes in this course to see the variety of web site tasks and faces, so that  you  will be able to do the web site of blogs, newsletter, magazine, company, restaurant, and media web sites, in addition, you will learn how to add functionality to the site by using plugins like multilingual plugin, photo album plugin, and social media plugins and poll plugins  at your site to get by the last a professional web site . in some section you will learn how to provides the user rolls for your web site as administrator, editor, and other privileges, finally you will learn more about settings of the site, how it works and how it managed, that is all for this course be patient to see all of the features of this course when you Join this course.

MD Omar makki

My name is MD Omar Makki, I’m working as Web Developer/Designer, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization), Hosting Provider, SMA (Social Management Account), Business Adviser, E-Commerce Business Developer from last 6 years.

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