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Top E-Commerce Websites In Bangladesh

In the economy of Bangladesh, E-commerce industry has a subtle contribution as the Internet penetration percentage in Bangladesh has reached around 13.2%. So it’s quite a bit noticeable that customers are nowadays using the online platform to buy their desired product. For the result, E-commerce in Bangladesh has been growing at a tremendous level. This ranking has been considered by the survey of socialbakers and Alexa– the platform to survey websites ranking.


Top 15 E-Commerce Websites In Bangladesh

E-commerce website is a website that allows customers to sell and buy various products or services via internet. In Bangladesh, many eCommerce websites are providing best service to customers.

Nowadays, Around 50 million people are using internet daily in Bangladesh. So that e-commerce business are growing rapidly. Currently, Bangladeshi customers are happy to shop online on trusted online shopping sites.

Bangladesh – eCommerce

Describes how widely e-Commerce is used, the primary sectors that sell through e-commerce, and how much product/service in each sector is sold through e-commerce versus brick-and-mortar retail. Includes what a company needs to know to take advantage of e-commerce in the local market and , reputable, prominent B2B websites.


The e-Commerce sector has seen dramatic growth since the early 2000’s when Bangladesh lacked widespread internet access or a reliable online transaction system. In 2009, the Bangladesh Bank, the country’s central bank authority, began permitting online transactions. In 2013, the Bangladesh Bank also permitted the purchase and sale of goods and services online using international credit cards. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the number of internet users has nearly tripled from 6.5 percent of the population in 2013 to 18.2 percent in 2017 and continues to grow. While only 2 percent of the population has a fixed-broad band connection, 30 percent of the population has a mobile-broad band subscription. Nonetheless, Bangladesh still ranks 147 out of 176 on the ITU’s ICT Development Index 2017, an annual report that captures the level of ICT development.

The eCommerce Association of Bangladesh (e-Cab), the trade body for eCommerce in Bangladesh, estimates there are 700 eCommerce sites and around 8,000 eCommerce pages on Facebook. Facebook remains a popular method for advertising and selling products, to a point that many businesses forgo creating websites. Ten billion taka in transactions take place on eCommerce sites per year according to a 2017 e-Cab report.

Current Market Trends
Currently, the following four types of eCommerce are popular in Bangladesh:

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)
  • Business-to-Employees (B2E)

In order to facilitate e-commerce and encourage the growth of information technology, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Act, 2006 was enacted. The ICT Act (amended in 2013) included provisions for imprisonment and/or fines for cyber-crimes. The enactment of the ICT Act has significant implications for e-commerce and mobile commerce in Bangladesh.

The growth of the industry has been inhibited by low usage of credit and debit cards (cash remains the major payment method) and the unavailability or restrictions on major online transaction sites like PayPal (XOOM). In March 2017, Bangladesh’s central bank gave permission to state-owned Sonali Bank to launch online money-transfer services with PayPal (XOOM) in the country.
Additional challenges to eCommerce in Bangladesh include:

  • Inadequate delivery mechanisms
  • A relatively low internet penetration rate
  • The lack of a robust online transaction system
  • Prevalence of online fraud
  • Undeveloped online marketing practices
  • The lack of a robust privacy policy
  • Domestic eCommerce (B2C)

B2C websites have become popular in large urban areas, as evidenced by the growth of online food delivery sites like HungryNaki and FoodPanda. Highly congested roads and poor driving conditions have also helped drive demand for home delivery services. Other examples of B2C initiatives include Facebook-based commerce platforms such as and ShoptoBd which allow Bangladeshi customers to purchase products from leading online shopping sites in the United States, UK, India and China, e.g.,,,, and Alibaba.

C2C businesses are also growing. The leading players in this category include Bikroy, Ekhanei, and ClickBd. These sites are individual and auction-based online marketplaces similar to eBay. More recently, the C2C sector has seen some consolidation with Telenor Group purchasing CellBazar and purchasing playeOLX. Online employee recruitment is also growing, largely in the private sector. Leading online job advertisers and recruiters include:,, and

Cross-Border eCommerce
Cross-border eCommerce remains largely inhibited by a viable online transaction system and capital controls that prevent most outward flows of foreign currency for consumer purposes. In addition, weak logistics infrastructure and irregular customs practices hinder the growth of cross-border eCommerce. However, leading logistics provider DHL publicly announced plans to invest in cross-border eCommerce in the future.

B2B eCommerce
Several B2B websites in Bangladesh are engaged in providing manufacturing and supply-chain solutions. For instance, the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers Employee Association (BGMEA) has deployed B2B e-commerce solutions for international RMG orders and procurement, as have several large ready-made garment companies. There are also B2B websites that feature business directories, trade deals and information about suppliers such as Bangladesh Business Guide, Address Bazar, and Bizbangladesh.

eCommerce Services
There are many Bangladeshi companies engaged in eCommerce services, including web design, domain name purchasing, secure hosting, digital marketing and advertising, app development, and payment gateways, among others. Many of these companies provide services to clients abroad, especially in North America. e-Cab estimates there are approximately 550,000 freelancers in Bangladesh providing eCommerce or related services. Remitting payments from abroad into Bangladesh is generally not an issue. U.S-based Payoneer is a leading site for processing online payments among freelancers in Bangladesh.

eCommerce Intellectual Property Rights
The present system of trademark protection lacks sufficient legal framework to protect intellectual property rights. The absence of a legal framework has created opportunities for unscrupulous business practices.

Popular 15 eCommerce Sites
Popular 15 eCommerce websites in Bangladesh include:

  1. Daraz Bangladesh
  2. Evaly
  3. Chaldal
  4. Pickaboo
  5. Foodpanda
  6. Rokomari
  7. Bikroy
  8. ClickBD
  9. Othoba
  10. AjkerDeal
  11. Priyoshop
  12. BDShop
  13. Shop Shajgoj
  14. KhashFood


Here’s a list of the 15 best online shopping sites in BD:


01. Daraz Bangladesh is currently one of the leading online e-commerce sites in Bangladesh. It begins their journey in 2015. It has gained a lot of popularity all over the country. Daraz provides a wide range of products such as home decor, fashion, and beauty, health, toys, sports, home appliances, electronics, etc. Best e-commerce site in Bangladesh

Daraz provides almost 100% authentic products to its customers. It also gives a free return option in terms of purchasing products. The payment option is as follows: Visa Card, bKash, Cash-on-delivery, Credit Card, etc.

02. Evaly 

Another top E-commerce website name in our country is Evaly. This E-commerce platform is capable enough of providing all kinds of goods & products to every customer doorstep. Customers can easily access this market place within their fingertips by using their smartphones or computers. It is such a website where customers can find all kinds of products according to their needs. From pencil to cell phones to car to lands, everything is available on this E-commerce website.

This website is built by a team of sharp-minded developers who are dedicated to ensuring their website provides the most secure E-commerce platform for their customers. The diversity of product range and high-quality security is what makes them different from other websites. Their cutting-edge technology & state-of-the-art mindset helps them achieving their customer trust in their service.

These online stores take their customer feedback very seriously. It allows the user to connect with buyers & sellers & provide feedback on the newsfeed on products. Their payment option is also very easy to understand. You can either use your Evaly balance to pay for your purchase. Or can use your bKash or debit/credit card for the payment gateway. Their product delivery will be made within 7 to 45 days.

03. Chaldal is the best online grocery store in Bangladesh. Customers can easily get their day to day food items from here. Not only grocery items they also provide all kinds of fruits, vegetables, rice, fish, meat, beverages, cleaning tools, but baby products are also available here. The payment option is as follows: Credit Cards, bKash, and Cash-on-delivery.

04. Pickaboo started its journey in 2016. It is one of the most popular e-commerce site in Bangladesh. The marketplace always provides the best and authentic product to the customers such as genuine smartphones, mobile, computer, electronics, perfume, watch, etc.

Concentrating solely on electric and tech items, Pickaboo has successfully made its place for online users. So, there is no need to go out for electronics products. They also provide 24-hours fast delivery. They have also a return option for faulty products. The payment option is as follows: EMI payment, bKash, Swipe on delivery, Cash-on- delivery, Visa Card, Master Card, etc.

05. FoodPanda

Feeling hungry but too lazy to go out? Check out the ultimate place to satisfy your food cravings. is the best online food delivery service that brings you your desired food at your doorstep just by a few taps on the screen. Foodpanda is connected to a wide variety of restaurants near your location. Customers can choose any restaurant and order whatever they like by browsing through the various menus. offers a diverse range of cuisines to choose from, such as Chinese, Mexican, Indian, fast food, bakeries, authentic, etc. leaving your taste buds asking for more, every time. Around 2000+ restaurants in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet are available for food delivery service through this app. The ordering process is very simple & fast so that our hungry customers don’t have to spend too much time waiting to have their cravings met. The restaurant menus are also well organized.

Once your food has arrived, you can pay the bill either by credit card or simply by cash. Foodpanda often gives out special offers from top local restaurants around you so keep an eye out for such delicious offers!

06. Rokomari begins its journey on January 19, 2012. Mahmud Hasan Sohag is the founder of Rokomari. It is the first online bookselling site. But now they also sell DVDs, video tutorials, sporting goods, calculators, watch, Pendrive, computer accessories, and more.

Almost every category of books is available here. Like- science fiction, fairytale, politics, business, novels, art and crafts, world history, etc. Rokomari is one of the most trusted e-commerce sites in Bangladesh. Rokomari was the first to introduce cash-on-delivery in Bangladesh. The payment option is as follows: bKash, Payza, Master Card, Cash-on-delivery, Rocket, etc.

07. Bikroy

With so many online shopping websites around, has hyped up the customers with their slightly different approach to E-commerce business. is a huge platform for customers where they can simultaneously buy and sell all kinds of products.

Whether you are looking for a car or an iPhone, you will find everything here within minutes. Here in, you will find the widest collection of all kinds of second-hand products. It offers the best local deals according to your region. All you have to do is post an ad on their website, which takes less than 2 minutes! offers a free advertising service for your product in 50 different regions across the country. The authority of the website carefully verifies each product to ensure the best quality to its customers.

08. ClickBD is very popular for electronics products. They started their site in 2005. This platform not only for buying products but also for selling products through this platform.

This site provides electronics items, cameras, computers, phones, fashion accessories, music accessories, travel tools. The payment option is as follows: Visa Card, Master Card, and Cash-on-delivery.

09. Othoba started its journey on November 28, 2015. This is the sister concerned company of PRAN- RFL Group. They provide various kinds of products such as fashion accessories, food, and groceries, electronics products, health care kits, sports, gift items, etc. It has e replacement policy for damaged products. The payment option is as follows: Cash-on-delivery, bKash, and Payza.

10. Ajkerdeal are very popular from the beginning of their business. Akjerdeal is the sister company of BDjobs and ran as a business from November 19, 2011. They provide a daily necessary product to the customers.

All kinds of daily necessary things, fashion, and beauty, electronics appliances, household things, Clothes, mobile phones, jewellery, food items, etc are available here at a cheap cost. They have also a refund option for damaged products. The payment option is as follows: Cash-on-delivery, DBBl Banking, iPay, Master Card, Visa Card, bKash, etc.

11. Priyoshop started its journey in 2013. It provides all kinds of products such as clothes, footwear, jewellery, accessories, books, health, and beauty.

They offer a replacement guarantee to the customers. It is the leading retail online platform in Bangladesh. The payment option is as follows: Cash-on-delivery, bKash, Visa Card, American Express.

12. BDShop

BDShop.Com Decent online shop with good product knowledge skilled customer support team. This online shop is selling authentic products and has good customer support with on-time delivery service across the whole Bangladesh. Their after-sales support also good.

13. Shop ShajGoj

Shajgoj Limited, started their journey from 2013 with their blog site “”, which is world’s largest Bengali beauty portal and it works for giving tips and suggestions to the people of Bangladesh who are concerned about the health and beauty. Moreover, the company is involved in e-commerce business from 2016.The site is still being in the process of development and its name is

14. KhaasFood is one of the best another online grocery shop in Bangladesh. This websites sell mostly food items.Khaasfood concentrating mostly on organic grocery items. You can find many various types of food items like rice, milk, honey, puffed rice, sugar, flour, various forms of oil and masala, nut, beverages, Jam & Jelly, foreign dates,dry fish etc. If you buy products more than 1000 TK, you can get a free home delivery. This site also gives free items offers and package purchase offers.

Khaasfood offers the most continent payment process. You can pay through almost all the bank channels, bKash, credit cards, rocked and of course cash on delivery.

15. is one of the biggest home service providers of Bangladesh. Their service is very essential for home decorated such as repairing, plumbing, house cleaning, laundry, home shifting, car rental, food delivery, etc.You place an order and schedule home services at your most suited time and the services will be provided to you at your continence. Their service quality is very high.
you can get 7 days of service warranty. They accept payment when services is delivered successfully.


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Cash transactions are still the predominant financial transaction method for the majority of the population. According to research by e-Cab, more than 90 percent of eCommerce users in Bangladesh prefer the cash-on-delivery payment model. Most eCommerce business portals in Bangladesh have integrated merchant accounts to facilitate credit card transactions. However, almost all eCommerce websites also offer multiple other payment methods and still cater to the consumer preferred cash-on-delivery system. Very few eCommerce businesses operate on the system of only delivering the product after receiving payment through a wire/bank transfer.

Online payment remains limited but is growing in Bangladesh as a result of an increase in internet/mobile cell phone penetration, gridlocked traffic which discourages in-person shopping, and growing per-capita income levels. In 2009, the Bangladesh Bank introduced an online payment system facilitating fund transfers and online payments of utility bills by credit card. Since 2011, there have been important developments in financial transaction regulation (mobile payments, digital wallets, and smart cards) as well as transaction infrastructure (e.g., electronic funds transfer payment gateways). The creation of the Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer Network is a step towards developing a modern payment system infrastructure. This has created expanded business avenues for financial institutions as well as entrepreneurs to offer electronic or mobile payment processing services to the unbanked population. This area of electronic payment processing services has already attracted local and foreign investment. Investment areas for non-bank entrepreneurs cluster in the areas of solution development and operations for payment intermediary services, direct service delivery models in partnership with banks, and the development of value-added financial applications.

Mobile eCommerce

The ITU’s latest Bangladesh profile states that 88.1 percent of inhabitants have a mobile phone subscription while 30 percent of inhabitants have a mobile broadband subscription. e-Cab’s 2017 report states that Bangladesh has 99 percent geographical coverage in voice and data connectivity.

Utility bill payment and remittance transfers via mobile phone were introduced in Bangladesh in 2006 and 2010 respectively through the country’s leading mobile operators and banks, and have become very popular with the masses. The government also authorized mobile operators to sell railway and bus tickets, and tickets to cricket matches organized by the Bangladesh Cricket Board using mobile phones, which have gained popularity.
Currently, 28 banks have approvals to offer mobile financial services, with 20 already launching services. Mobile banking services in Bangladesh include cash-in, cash-out, merchant payments, utility payments, salary disbursement, foreign remittances, and fund transfers.

Digital Marketing

With strong growth in the number of mobile internet subscribers and growing digital infrastructure, more companies in Bangladesh are investing in digital marketing. While traditional media remains strong among older demographics, digital media is more popular among younger segments of the population. Fund allocation toward digital marketing remains modest at 5 to 10 percent across companies, but as conversion continues, this statistic is set to change drastically. Digital media has specifically become a strong tool for small and medium enterprises to strengthen their brand recognition. Restaurants, fashion stores, gadget shops, and lifestyle pages increasingly use digital marketing.
Content development and digital media marketing are the most popular services that digital agencies currently offer. Online advertising is also slowly expanding as video platforms mature. Digital analytics is still in the development stages in Bangladesh and not yet widely used by businesses.

Major Buying Holidays

The major buying holidays in Bangladesh include the major Muslim holidays of Ramadan, Eid ul-Fitr, and Eid-ul-Adha. Hindu, Buddhist and Christian Holidays, including Buddhist New Year, Durga Puja and Christmas, respectively, are also observed by segments of the population. Other major Bangladeshi holidays include: Bengali New Year (April 14), Independence Day (March 26), and Victory Day (December 26). Some of these holidays are based on religious calendar and depend on lunar sightings.

Social Media

Social media is widely used in Bangladesh. Facebook is the most prevalent of social media platforms with more than 29 million users in Bangladesh. Facebook is used to engage consumers and is also a major e-Commerce platform. There are over 8,000 e-commerce Facebook pages in Bangladesh, many of which are small businesses using solely Facebook to advertise and sell their products, ranging from clothes, beauty products to food. With faster internet connections, Google cache servers, and better streaming, YouTube is also gaining popularity in Bangladesh.


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