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The Complete Guitar MAINTENANCE Course [100% Off]


The Complete Guitar MAINTENANCE Course

14 Ways & Hacks to Make Sure Your Guitar Always Plays, Sounds, and FEELS Perfect

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  • 2.5 hours on-demand video
  • 3 Articles
  • 1 Supplemental Resource
  • Full lifetime access
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What Will I Learn?

  • The 4 most important pillars of maintaining a guitar that feels as best as possible.
  • All about a guitar setup – the magical service that’ll make your guitar feel way easier to play.

  • A 10$ trick to make that’ll make your strings softer to press.

  • 6 cool ways to CUSTOMIZE your guitar and add some cool bling to it.
  • Which string gauge should you choose for your acoustic or electric: 0.10’s? 0.11’s? 0.12’s?
  • How to make your guitar tuning last 3X longer.
  • And a lot more.
  • BONUS: A printable 35 Campfire Songs PDF Songbook – each song has a detailed video lesson.


  • An acoustic / electric / classical guitar.
  • A desire to have a guitar that feels and sounds as best as it could possibly be.


Do you want to have a guitar that always…

  • Feels,
  • Plays,
  • And SOUNDS…

As best as possible? To always take advantage of the full potential of it? I’m sure you do!

And as a result – you will also have more fun and be more motivated to play, and that means that you’ll play more and improve a lot faster. Sounds good?

If you read till here, so this short, information packed, and FREE class – is for you.

Friends who pick up one of my guitars to play around with them are almost always commenting about how good and “butter-smooth” they feel. That includes my acoustic, electric, bass and 12 string guitars.

That’s because I keep all of the above rules in mind and I give my guitars a good time…

In this short class, I’ll teach you how to do that as well.

We’ll focus on:

  • The 4 Key Pillars of Maintaining a Guitar That Feels Perfect
  • 6 Ways to Customize Your Guitar and Make It SEXY
  • A 10$ Hack to Make Your Strings a Lot SOFTER to Press
  • How to Make Your Guitar Tuning Last 3X Longer!
  • How Long Will Your Strings LAST for?
  • Setup: Why It’s the Most Beneficial Thing You Can Do to Your Guitar
  • How to Avoid Electric Guitar Cable Malfunctions
  • How to Keep Everything Neat, with Cables that Are Folded Perfectly
  • The Ideal Strings and Strings Gauges for Electrics and Acoustics
  • And more!


Also – the course includes a bunch of very useful bonus lessons, including:

  • The 13 most useful guitar apps in 2018 – apps that will actually help you improve much faster.
  • 8 ways to develop your time-keeping skills and really get that pro sound.
  • How to use a capo to make sure the song matches your voice, and also to create different voicings when playing with another guitarist.
  • 6 tips on how to easily conquer any barre chord. (like the F chord)
  • 4 ways to avoid the notorious pain in the fingertips that every guitarist encounters.
  • My favorite 13 guitar accessories – things that’ll actually improve your guitar life.
  • And more!

Why should you listen to me?

Hey! My name is Alon and I am 28 years old. I have been teaching music, both online and face to face, to tens of thousands of students in the last six years – while traveling four different continents and jammin’ and performing with many different musicians. I am mainly a guitarist, pianist and harmonica player, and I also play other instruments including the flute, trumpet, bass and more. I am constantly looking for the best ways and shortcuts to teaching music effectively – and with FUN. The student feedbacks show that I do it very well. (:

My guitar blog, GuitarHippies-com, (founded in 2014) where I share my tips for playing music, has a monthly readership of over 100K people from over a 150 different countries and is one of the world’s top five most-read guitar blogs*. I am also the founder of the Harmonica Jamz-com courses and blog that has been online since 2016 and has thousands of happy students here on Udemy.


Cheers, and I’m looking forward to seeing you inside,


*According to stats by SimilarWeb-com

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who’s interested in taking the best care of their guitar and enjoy playing even more.

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