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Start Providing SEO Services From Home Without Investment


Start Providing SEO Services From Home Without Investment.

Our main focus is to find HIGH TICKETS (High Paying Clients) with easy to rank websites.

These clients will pay you $600-$1200 per month for a whole year (12 Months) for your SEO Services.

There are 2 parts

Part 1: Finding High Paying Clients and Contacting them.

Part 2: Providing SEO Services.


1. Download a huge list of the world’s high paying professions

Find all cities of the world names

2. Choose a profession keyword from list and city name.

3. Combine them

example: From list 1 you choose “Doctor” and From list 2 “New York

Now you got the keyword phrase: Doctor in Newyork

Electrician in Paris

A tailor in Sydney


4. Search on https://ads.google.com this keyword to find how much this keyword searched per month.

5. Search this keyword phrase on google. You found results on google, go to page 3 and page 4 of Google and open all website links in separate tabs.

6. Click on the “Contact Us” page for every website you just find and copy email address and website name to an excel sheet.

7. Copy all contents from under mentioned “Magic Email”

8. Edit necessary words

9. Send this email to client emails you collected in Point 7.

An Example for you:

You searched “doctor in Paris” and copied all emails from page 3 and 4 of Google, you got 14 emails.

send 1 single email to all. Put 1 email into a section of the email and put other 13 emails on CC section. (Never put emails in BCC Section)

10. Work daily, Collect as emails as you can, save in excel file, send an email daily…..

11. Try to send all clients to your facebook chat, chat when someone connected with you.

12. When someone agreed for work, Change necessary amendments in “Work Agreement”, send this “Work Agreement” to the client and tell him that send me back when you signed.

13. When got Signed “Work Agreement” back, Its time to start your SEO Work.

14. You need a few backlinks for this website to boost. Why?

SECRET TIP: Website is already indexed in google and located on page 3 or page 4 of google. Boosting on page 1 is easy than a new website in most cases.

15. Look at my post “How to find Guest Post Opportunities“, try to find niche relevant blogs/websites for Guest Posts.


16. You need a few posts per week, never rush it.

17. After a few posts, watch his ranking on google and note down progress.

18. When you got his website on the first page of Google, Capture screenshot and send your progress to them. Check every 48 hours (2days), capture screenshot and send him.

19. After 14 days, send him a payment invoice through “Payoneer Invoice”. If you want to require a monthly auto subscription, Paypal+ is a good option, once the client sends his payment through paypal+, PayPal will deduct monthly from his card on autopilot.

Pro Tips:

1. Charge $600 – $1200 per month, They will pay happily. Contract them for 12 months. Never hesitate to offer your services @ $600 – $1200 per month, as these prospects are in high paying professions and making a lot of money, he will pay you.

2. You need daily work, find as much website as you can. Try to send daily targeted emails i.e 100-150 emails.

3. Never expect a quick response from prospects. You need dedication…. Once started, its never-ending money believes me.

For example, You are working regular and closing 2 clients per month, after 4 months you have 8 clients paying regular $4800 per month if you charge a minimum $600 per month per client. Every month your income will be boosted.

4. You can outsource all work, finding emails, sending emails, SEO. You just need to connect with prospects/clients.

5. Be patient, You are offering free services at the beginning so you need time to convert a prospect as a client.

6. If you need any changes for ON-PAGE SEO, hire someone expert for this purpose if you are not sure how to do. Also, remember that never change anything on the client’s website before getting the first payment.


Many guys know about SEO work but A lot of number guys haven’t experience about SEO. You can group for mutual benefits, In comments type EMAIL if you are interested to do email work and type SEO if you are able to do SEO work, find suitable partners and make a team to do work together.


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