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SEO Case Study – Improved Organic Traffic

SEO Case Study – Improved Organic Traffic of a Client Niche Site in a SUPER Tough Niche from 1626 webmaster clicks to 3503 (115.3%) in 3 months.

Here is exactly how we did it.

– We used Semrush to extract all the top organic keywords of the website which had monthly searches greater than 100 and ranking in Google from position 5th to 20th. (We normally don’t do anything with the keywords ranking on top 5 positions until the client demands us to do that.)

– We saved all those keywords in descending order with respect to their search volumes (the highest search volume keywords on the top and the lowest ones in the bottom)

– We marked all selected pages on the basis of their context (Informative pages/Money pages). Because normally we only get links for the money pages.

– We checked each selected money page separately on Semrush & Ahrefs to see if they are appearing in SERP’s for any good long term keywords that are actually not there on the money pages. We found all those keywords and asked our writers to build some content around them so we actually include those keywords within the money pages.

– Updated all the money pages and included links to them in the existing informative posts.

– After updating the content on all the money pages and fixing the minor on-page issues we started off with our guest post campaign. In our first month, we tried getting equal no of links to all the money pages. For example, if there are 4 money pages in the top 20 we get 5,5 links to each of them and by the end of the month, we analyze the impact of those links. (No exact match anchor text, all natural keywords that go along nicely with the context of the guest posts)

– It’s a very hard niche so we had to do a lot of sponsored guest posts. We preferred getting links within the first 200 to 300 words of the guest posts. (The minimum criteria we choose to select guest post sites is nice design, good content, DA at least 20+, organic keywords at least 1000, organic traffic at least 500+).


SEO Case Study - Improved Organic Traffic
SEO Case Study – Improved Organic Traffic

– We analyzed the performance of all our selected keywords using SERP labs in all 3 months.

– Whenever we got any improvement for a particular page we used to pause link building for it to see how well it goes. We wanted to avoid overdoing anything and the client wanted a gradually increment in organic traffic for all the money pages.

– We kept on doing this process for 3 months and the organic traffic is steadily increasing everyday now.

– We started seeing positive results after 30 to 40 days it wasn’t immediate increase because that’s how SERPs work.

I hope this helps out the community. It’s all about analyzing your existing stuff and work smartly to improve the low hanging fruits. Feel free to ask any questions

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