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Quickly change default location for Installing Apps

Hi Guys,
One more interesting article has come all your way. All of you are using windows syatems & know that any application gets installed at a default path/location i.e C:\Program Files. Yes while installation you can change this path & install it to wherever you wish to.
But don’t you feel its annoying to change the path every time. What if windows by default picks up a path where you wish to install your application? 🙂
Does this sounds interesting? Then here is the hack for this:

Change The Default Location For Installing Apps

As the size of hard drives increase, most of the people are using partitions to separate and store multiple groups of files.
Window machines use the directory “C:\Program Files” as the default base directory where new programs.applications get installed.
However, you can change this default installation path & set it to some other path as per your wish by using a Registry hack.
Go to regedit:
1. Start > Run
2. Type regedit
3. You will see a hierarchy on left side, navigate to the below path:
4. Look for the value named ProgramFilesDir,
by default its value will be C:\Program Files. Edit the value and change it to any valid drive or folder and your windows will use that new location as the default installation directory for new programs.
Isn’t it so simple. 🙂
As always, your feedbacks are always welcome

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