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Niche Selection

Affiliate Marketing – Part 3

Niche Selection

We need to find top-selling, trending, hot products of any niche, choose it wisely and choose your niche.
Top 10 Best Selling, High Paying Niches To Follow.
1. Fitness and Weight Loss
2. Health
3. Dating and Relationships
4. Pets
5. Self-Improvement
6. Wealth Building Through Investing
8. Beauty Treatments
9. Gadgets and Technology
10. Personal Finance
How to find top selling products / sub-niches to choose products. Also, you can use these ideas for Website Flipping and Dropshipping.
Idea 1:
1. Go to this website myip .ms (remove blank space before .ms)
2. Click on Websites, Click on World Websites Database, select Shopify Inc and click search button. (Image 1,2, 3)
3. Here you will find a list of worldwide Shopify stores with their worldwide ranking. Open all stores 1 by 1 and look at what they are selling? These products are in demand now. Focus on it.
Idea 2:
1. Google it “Your keyword” and watch how much results google shows.
2. If its huge number, it means this product is selling anywhere. (Image 4)
Idea 3:
Go to Google Shopping and search your keyword here
Idea 4:
Go to Instagram and search your keyword with hashtag i.e. #earings.
If found there are a lot number of posts using this hashtag, this product is trending and in demand.
Idea 5:
Go to Amazon’s this link, all top selling products are here.
There are a lot of ways to find hot trending products for your affiliate business, i.e best selling products on AliExpress, Find any product name on facebook and click videos – if there are thousands of views on videos it proves that market is hot and trending, Google trends, eBay hot products, etc.

Pro Tip:

1. Choose a niche which has many trending/hot selling products.
2. Go to your affiliate network account (amazon, ClickBank, Shareasale etc). Find your selected niche and check how much commission they are offering for related products. Minimum commission for 1 product would be $20-$40 per sale.
For your consideration, here is attached a file, its amazon Q4 2017 top 10K Products data, may it help you for your niche selection decision.
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