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Make Money Hacking Twitter Conversation


Make money hacking twitter conversation

What do you need?

1. Twitter Account

2. An account of an affiliate / CPA network i.e. ClickBank, Maxbounty, etc.

3. Your Website

4. Some Brain

How to do?

1. Create your Twitter account, upload your image, complete your profile and use this twitter account for 3-4 days, post something.

2. Login Affiliate / CPA Account and pick your offer link.

3. Post something about your offer on your website, your affiliate/CPA account have a lot of information about your offer, look at that.

4. Copy your website/blog post link and shorten the link at any URL shorten website i.e. rebrandly or bitly.

5. Copy this shorten link.

6. Login your twitter account.

7. Choose keyword related to your offer i.e. make money, brain cancer, anxiety etc.

8. Open this twitter advanced search option https://twitter.com/search-advanced?lang=en

9. Put your keyword at “This exact phrase”.

Make money hacking twitter
Make money hacking twitter

10. Change date in “From this date” and put last 24 hours time/ date. You need last 24 hours conversation related to this topic.

11. Change location as per your CPA offer, if your offer is an affiliate product than don’t change location.

11. Find conversation, read it… Read every tweet post/comment, it will help you that you can offer him/her or not.Look someone which fits for your offer.

12. When choose someone fits for your offer, Direct Message him with your website/blog’s post shorten link. Your message must be in story style. See suggestions below.

You have done your work, choose many people and message them but never spam. Twitter will ban your account.

Change every single message with your own words. Every message must be unique and written by yourself.

Story Ideas:

Be careful, try to shorten your message as much as you can.

1. One of my friends suggests to me that this is too cool …….

2. Last Monday night my uncle who is a doctor meet me and said that this product is ………….

3. My aunt used this and its phenomenal ……

4. My friend already wins 2 iPhones here, you can try …….

5. Trying is better than not trying, look here ……….

Use your brain for new messages.

Pro Tip:

1. CPA email/zip submit offers convert well in this method.

2. Never spam, send only genuine people you think they need this product.

3. Conversion in this method is superb but if not convert, change your product, change the message.

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