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Is IMO Safe For You?

Is IMO Safe For You?

There are lots of instant messaging apps in google play store. We are using them to communicate with our near and dear through video and audio calls. IMO is one the useful app among them. This app is a little more popular than others app due to its work well even in low bandwidth. But, do we know imo account can be cloned? It is a great fault of imo developers that, this account can be cloned easily. We all know that to create an imo account needed a valid mobile number. Ok, do you want to know how it is the clone?

Suppose,One of your close friends wants to clone your imo account to make you stupid. He just need a app named imo beta,and he can easily found it from play store. After install it in his mobile, he will try to make a account by your mobile number(Though you already have a account of this number). As usually to complete a account creating process a verification code is sent to the mobile number.T here is the main thing,if your friend can manage to get this code from your mobile, he will be succeeded to make another copy of your imo account.N ow, he can monitor your all activities including text message, audio call, and video calls also on his mobile.T think, how dangerous it is! Your personal information will be disclose to him,w hich you make on this app.

So, Be careful to use this app.T o prevent this problem, you should always protect your mobile by putting a password, as if no one can access your mobile without your permission.

Keep safe from any kind of unwanted danger…..

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