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Instant Approval DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites List (Update-1000 Website List)


Instant Approval DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites List (Update-1000 Website List)


What is Comment Posting?

Comment posting is one of the old link building tools which is used in website ranking along with increase backlinks.


Definition of Comment Posting

“Write good comment related to post and put your link in it and post to another site through filling form called comment posting.”

Dofollow Comment posting

Dofollow comment always plays important role in backlinks but nofollow comments are bad for your site and also time to waste because google does not count no-follow comments reason low ranking only.

How To Check Dofollow Comment

If you do not know if this comment is Dofollow or no follow it is a very simple method to check.

  • The open website where you have posted a comment.
  • Right click on your anchor.
  • Click on inspect.
  • You will see coding.
  • If your coding show it is no-follow, then your comment Is no-follow otherwise you comment link will be Dofollow.
  • Always get do-follow comments not nofollow comments

Disadvantages of Nofollow Comments And Advantages of Do-follow Comments

No-follow Disadvantages (Wrong Think People)

1 – Nofollow comment will not count as backlinks in google

2 – Nofollow comment will not increase your website ranking in google

3 – It is time and money wasting process

4 – Do not try no-follow link because the client will cancel the order and you will lose a client.

Advantages of Dofollow blogs

There are lots of advantages of free Dofollow blogs which will be good for you website read more

1 – Dofollow blogs will increase your backlinks volume in google eyes

2 – You can save your clients with dofollow blogs commenting sites

3 –   Your website ranking will increase after using free do-follow commenting sites

4 – Always write a good comment for dofollow blog submission sites because good points for blogs can give you benefit in searching your site in google.

How To Search Instant Approval Free dofollow blogs In Google

One of the main question which SEO student always ask how to search instant approval blogs commenting sites list free because they want to save time and money but I always believe when student search free dofollow blogs in google plus and other social media sites. In this way, you can get good free blogs commenting sites of the collection.


What Are The Advantages of add new comment

There are some very good advantages when you add a new comment on other sites read following,

1 – When you add a new comment, you will get a good backlink if the comment is do-follow.

2 – It will improve your website ranking in google if you add more do-follow comments for your site on other.

3 – Alex rank will be improved and Samrush will be increased.

Note – When you check our all comments list, you will be allowed comments on our list and we will publish it regularly with do-follow and nofollow comments.



Blog commenting is the most important and the critical part of your website. When you are doing SEO (search engine optimization) the main element is blog commenting DOfollow and no follow links. Dofollow backlinks are also known as link juice. The owner of the website should know about blog commenting sites. It is needed for more practice and effort in backlinking.

Most important things to know about blog commenting sites

When you design a blog the most important thing is that connection with the readers. If you have no connection with your readers then your blog just a page not a website without blog commenting.

The way to make readers happy

After connection to readers, it is the most important thing that to make proud to your readers and feel special just my reply to your reader’s comment.

Influencers relationship

For some reasons, you forward your blog. Not for your purpose but just for your influencers. To doing this you can achieve new goals and get new targets for your blog this is very helpful for the SEO.


Referral Traffic

Actually, blog commenting sites means to have lots of visitors to your blog. If you are serious in your work you can get many visitors to your blog commenting sites. Seriously it is very helpful for your blog.

To boot a site

It is a way to boot your website. For blog commenting sites it is very important to boot a site.

Advantages of Blog commenting sites

  1. The first benefit of blog commenting sites is that you can identify your brand which is newly come in market.
  2. It targeted the traffic just like a laser for your blog commenting sites.
  3. If you are a businessman and want to advertise your company or your product like shopping material, furniture, and interior designing. For this purpose you just comment on relevant blog commenting sites and post it, type your name and get the link when you go to the “About us” section of your website and you get targeted traffic. People come to your site want to contact you and get a business inquiry. Maybe your conversion range 3 to 5% of the business but it highly targeted. And may it open the door for your business through blog commenting.
  4. The SEO (search engine optimization) person wants to get more do follow and no follow backlinks.

These links provide you the best blog commenting sites which are very helpful for you and you can get high DA quality traffic.

You know backlinks are the main part of website ranking. If you want to get high Page Rank and Domain Rank of your website then it is compulsory to need that you should to create high-quality backlinks to your website. There are many kinds of backlinks sites list like Auto Approve Blog Comment Site List, Guest posting websites backlinks sites list, forums backlinks sites list, Image Sharing sites list, PDF backlinks sites list and many other. And the great news for all you is that you can find all the lists of backlinks on best ideas to make money every day, and also get best ideas for making money on the internet, SEO tips and many more. The great news is that no need to search how to find auto approve comment dofollow blogs the reason is that, I am going to show all here.

The best part of these auto approval commenting sites URL list is that these links are having low OBL as well as high DA and PA which eventually means these are quality links that get indexed super fast. So you need not to additionally use any link indexer to get your blog comments indexed. And this is very important stuff in search engine optimization is that your links get indexed or else it’s of no use.


Today I am here to give you chance to rank your website only by auto approve blog comment site list here. When you going to search auto approve blog comments sites then first search Instant Approval DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites List.

You can drive a lot of traffic to your website. Moreover, you can increase the page rank and domain rank of your website. The list of auto approves blog comment site list which I am going to show in my post gives you do follow backlinks for your website. This auto approves blog comment site list is updated list according to 2018 SEO strategy. Many of you go to Google and search for how to find blog commenting sites but they do not find exact but here is real and authority sites.


Why Auto Approve Blog Comment Site List

The reason for auto approves blog comment site list is that as you know many website owners not approve the comment written by you for backlinks. Therefore I select this auto to approve blogs on which you can easily get do follow backlinks for your website. Here I also show instant approval blog commenting sites list 2017. Ok, well the wait is over you can see the complete list of auto approve blogs below:

Update List 27/10/2021

Download DoFollow Comment Website List Free (Google Drive Link)


Note: Select URL and go to “web page” and comment using your URL.

The best part of this self-approval comments websites URL list is that these links have low OBL as well as high DA and PA, which ultimately means that these quality links are indexed extremely fast.

Therefore, you do not need to use a link indexer to get your blog’s indexed comments. And this is very important in search engine optimization is that your links are indexed or otherwise is useless.

This was the 300 high PR Dofollow blog comments on the list of sites free backlinks 2018, I hope you like this. Friends, if you have any questions or suggestions, then write in the comment box. I will try to return to the clinic as soon as possible.

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