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How to Use Facebook Audience Insights for Better Target Boosting

Social media offers us the potential to attach brands directly to their customers. Social systems like Facebook are super channels through which you may interact together with your target market, and tailor content material to satisfy their current desires or hobbies.

But to make certain all this interplay and social engagement is really worth it, you need to drill right down to what information virtually produce the consequences you’re searching for and continually optimize for those.

That is why reviewing FB audience Insights and the significant quantity of consumer statistics the social network gives is so critical. So, to help you in your dive down into the social facts abyss right here’s a way to use fb target audience Insights to improve you’re focused on.


The energy of Social Media data

The more you realize approximately your users, the better you can target them with content tailor-made to their options. The give up end result is an extra engagement to your commercials and a far higher ROI.


Data facebook collects

You could already refine audiences in your facebook advert manager based on a slew of various information factors, inclusive of:

  • Demographics
  • Geographics
  • Gender
  • Time consumer is energetic
  • tool
  • interests

The more of those records factors or layers you operate to refine your target audience, the smaller it will become. however, your marketing campaign can be much more centered on a particular person. so long as you don’t bounce the gun and add too many layers earlier than having a few statistics to again up doing so, this can be beneficial in some special approaches.

facebook advert audience

For instance, your advert spend must be lower, because you’re targeting a smaller audience and not riding unqualified engagements. basically, this enables lower your value according to movement (CPA).

No longer handiest that, it additionally allows you to make bigger your successful audiences. So, even in case you’ve observed an audience that works well for you, you may use audience Insights to locate more associated pursuits and subjects to assist scale your marketing campaign.

fb commercials CPA

Having touched briefly upon the blessings of the use of advert supervisor to create more focused audiences, we’ll move directly to a real walk-through of some alternatives you’ve got for doing this.


How to Use Facebook Audience Insights

Target market Insights is a feature within the Facebook ad manager. you may discover it by means of clicking the drop down menu underneath “gear.”

facebook target market insights

The audience Insights device will help you section your described “seed” target market based on distinctive choices and demographic info.

In case you’re looking to test new waters within your audience and attempt out some new content or offers, that is an extraordinary aid to a faucet in terms of what trends and topics might hobby your target audience.

facebook target market insights dashboard

Defining Your Seed audience

After you’re within the audience Insights tool, you can pick which audience you want to investigate (in a preferred feel). You’ll receive the choice to select between:


  • Everyone on Facebook
  • People connected to your page
  • A custom audience

Depending on what campaign you’re jogging, you’ll need to choose distinctive alternatives.

For instance, when you have an email list you want to use for remarketing, you can create a custom audience from that. however, if you’re seeking to improve social conversions for your contemporary followers, you’ll likely need to goal customers related along with your web page.

Then, start with the aid of the use of the sidebar to refine your target market based totally on the primary parameters of your target audience. such things as age range, united states, gender and other basic stats may be blanketed here.

When you’ve seemed through dimensions of some of your greater a success advert campaigns, you may truly begin to layer your targeting to get precise with who you’re reaching via clicking thru to the “advanced” drop-down menu.

fb target audience advanced

As you may see inside the image above, there are quite some distinct user qualities you could use to slender your target audience:


  • Connection to your page
  • Education
  • Relationship status
  • Work
  • Job Position
  • Politics

Basically, that is wherein you could get actual creepy along with your user targeting. And don’t worry, that’s a terrific element.

At this factor, many have established the net knows all and sees all. keep in mind the user settlement and terms you clicked to simply accept without reading?

Now the target audience Insights device will begin going to be just right for you in this new focused target market to expose you what they’ll discover the most interesting, or possibly now not so thrilling.

Top Performing Categories & Pages

In case you navigate to the page Likes tab (simply to the right of Demographics) you’ll be capable of seeing the top categories for which your target market will maximum in all likelihood have interaction.

This gives powerful insights in and of itself, but the target audience Insights tool doesn’t prevent there. it’ll also show you which one’s pages within those categories users have liked, which enables you to tailor your content and campaigns to their choices.

top performing categories and pages on facebook

For example, if you had been to peer in target market Insights the pinnacle classes indicate you that your customers comply with nutritional and well-being pages, you can create content material around the latest fitness trends for 2018 to really engage along with your target market.

Of path, this is only a simple list of tips that fb is producing for your new target market. it would be virtually amazing if there were a few real facts with reference to their relevance, or something, right? Top element there is.
If you scroll down a chunk inside the device, you’ll simply see a listing of pages ranked through their relevance and affinity.

Relevance versus Affinity

These phrases are very closely intertwined inside the advert manager, but the information difference between the 2 may be very useful.

Facebook Defines “relevance” as:

The Pages which might be the maximum probable to be relevant to your audiences based on affinity, web page size, and the number of human beings in your target audience who already like that web page.

While They Define “affinity” as:

How likely your target market is to love a given page as compared to everybody on facebook.

The massive difference right here is that relevance is fairly decided by affinity. due to the fact relevance is decided with the aid of affinity and the variety of human beings in your target audience who already just like the web page, there can be some overlap.
basically, if you see a page with an excessive affinity, it’s very possible people to your audience will like that page, or have liked it already.

fb web page affinity

If you’re going for likes inside the marketing campaign which you’ve created this new target market for, that is a first-rate supply of useful information you could use. by way of knowing which pages have the best affinity to your new audience, you may tailor your personal pages and facebook commercials to cater to those customers’ choices.

You don’t just want your content to be relevant to users. You need it to engage them and generate likes, follows and with a few luck conversions. this is why affinity is such a crucial metric in preference to just going off of fb ranking pages by way of relevance.

By way of the use of relevance and affinity within target market Insights, you could begin to perform a little brief testing for your natural fb efforts earlier than your paid campaigns begin spending the big greenbacks.


Applying & Testing Your Insights

You likely have a few widespread avatar or profile of your ideal customer. It optimistically at the least includes info like age range, area, goals/values, employer size, process role and pain points.

The target market Insights device allows you to feature to this best consumer profile. And with some quick organic facebook exams, you make certain that your paid campaigns start out on the proper foot by using focused on the precise clients you’re most assured will convert.


Permit’s don’t forget an instance. You’re going for walks a facebook brand consciousness campaign looking to generate likes and follows of your branded facebook web page in addition to remarketing campaign to generate conversions to your product (we’ll say you promote art and comic strip substances).

The current release of a new animated Miyazaki film is trending all over fb, so you determine to do a little study.

With the aid of choosing your personal Facebook page as the “connected to web page” choice after which entering Miyazaki films because the interest, you see what the distribution for positive pages gave the impression of on your remarketing audience.

Because of the new film launch, you can see an increase in affinity towards Miyazaki-targeted fb posts. So, to capitalize on the fashion, create a brief organic facebook check to peer how your target audience engages something primarily based on Miyazaki’s use of art in his creative animation of the film.

That is a simple weblog post or fb submit you could put up organically. with none ad spend, you still get quite a superb deal of remarks from this to submit by way of evaluating it’s engagement on your traditional posts.

For this, you’d must click thru on your facebook commercial enterprise supervisor to examine your post engagement.

fb put up engagement metrics

With a bit of luck, you’d see that this new blog submit is outperforming your normal Posts. this would show your fashion speculation accurate; that customers are (at the least for now) extraordinarily interested in artwork or caricature components due to the brand new lively film launch. this is a big discovery which you’d in any other case omit without the target market Insights tool.

Now, you could create a real fb remarketing advert towards your custom audience that leverages the trending film. This has to not only have interaction with your new audience at a higher rate, however ought to also generate extra conversions.

The more micro-checks like this you carry out, and the extra person statistics you collect, the more in element your ideal patron profile will become. in the end, you could building up a profile of an excellent facebook profile that includes the following:


  • Age range
  • Gender (if applicable)
  • Interested in these topics
  • Likes these pages
  • Follows these brands
  • Consistently reads these blogs

by using the target audience Insights device to create consumer profiles in this degree of depth, you learn how to higher tailor your content material for your users in addition to in which to sell your content to ensure they examine it.

Now that’s a large win.

Refining Your intention With audience Insights

Social media advertising is the world where stalkers are proper victors. The extra you study your consumer—what they prefer, wherein they spend their time online or what pastimes hyperlink them for your product—the greater you customize their experience along with your brand.

In an age in which the majority of clients decide upon a greater personalized emblem revel in (specially with digital), this makes all the distinction.

Make certain you’re leveraging fb for the data powerhouse that it’s miles, and use target market Insights to check and slender your target market to perfection. it could go towards the cliche, but in Facebook, the smaller your target audience, the greater the chances of you hitting your goal. however, the secret is to make it applicable.

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