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How to remotely shutdown any Computer

Hi Mates,

Have you ever came across something where your computer got shutdown/restart/logged off automatically. I guess it happened with many of you.
Ever wondered how this happened? Because of some computer fault or someone’s intentions? πŸ™‚
Well it could be both the reasons. But yes you can shutdown one’s computer from your computer. This is remote shutdown trick I am going to tell here.
Lets get started now:
  1. To perform this, you will have to find out IP address of the victim’s computer. IP address is basically is the address of computer on Internet. Easiest way to find out IP address is using command prompt. Click on Start and then Run. Type in cmd in text box.
  2. Once cmd in opened, type a command “ipconfig” (without quotes)
3. Note down the IP address as highlighted in above screenshot, & go to some other computer from where you will attack the victim.
Make sure the victim doesn’t notice that you have stolen the IP address.
4. Again open cmd on your computer and run the command shutdown -i as in screenshot:
After firing the above command, a pop up window will open as below:
5. Click on “Add”, add the IP address of the victim.
6. Choose the action that you want to perform i.e Shutdown, restart, log-off, Hibernate.
7. You can even set the time as per your requirement. (after how many minutes you wish to attack)
8. Click OK, and you are done.
TIP: In the comment box at the bottom, you can put any message you wish. For example, if you are doing this for fun. you can write, “HAHA, you have been fooled. your system will destroy in 20 seconds. πŸ™‚ “
You can play around with many more cmd tricks.

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