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How to promote Affiliate/CPA products?

Affiliate Marketing – Part 8


How to promote Affiliate / CPA products?

Method 1 – Giving away free eBooks
In this method, you will learn how to create and give away a free ebook to promote your Affiliate / CPA Offers without spending a single penny.
  • Download Free PLR eBooks here.
or google it: “Free PLR eBooks”

What is PLR?

Private Label Rights
i. Can be given away.
ii. Can be packaged.
iii. Can be offered as a bonus.
iv. Can Be Edited Completely and Put Your Name on it.
v. Can be used as web content
vi. Can RESELL Articles
  • Edit eBook and embed your relevant Affiliate / CPA / Blog links in multiple places in the ebook and save as PDF.
  • Distribute this eBook as Free / Giveaway at eBook/Documents sharing websites i.e. Scribd, SlideShare,
or google it: “where to upload free ebooks


  • Use Acrobat writer or Convert MS Word document into PDF using these methods.
  • For your knowledge: 1 Million+ eBooks sold daily on amazon alone, its 39% share of all ebooks. 61% ebooks sold on other places/websites.

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