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How to Convert 1 or 2 GB Memory/SD card to 4gb

How to convert 1 or 2 GB Memory/SD card to 4gb


1. Download and extract ‘increase internal space of memory Card  Toolkit.

2. Insert your 1 GB or 2 GB Memory Card/SD card to your computer and backup everything to
your computer.

3. After you have completely backed up,  open Drive Increaser.bat file from the extracted folder.

4. When the script will open, it will ask you for what name should it give to your SD/Memory  Card. Enter anything, in my case entered  ‘Rohan’. After entering your name, hit enter.

5. Now, enter your Drive’s letter. If you do not know your Memory Card/SD card’s letter, then go
to my computer. You will see your C drive along with many drives, you will also see your Memory Card/SD card’s too!

So see its letter, for example, Be careful while entering drive name. My drive’s name is G: so see how my device looks-

6. Now, again enter your drive name I entered G again and you enter your device’s letter again. Be careful while entering drive name.

7. Now, wait…the script will do the rest of work it self. You need not to take a break, it is a work of 2-10 minutes or maybe more.

8. After it is done, see your Memory Card/SD card internal space. If it is 4 GB then you are
having very good luck, if your Memory Card/ SD card’s internal storage has not increased when you are having bad luck.

Now, you have converted your Memory Card/ SD card’s internal storage, you can restore the backup that you have taken. Now you can store files upto 3 GB (4 GB does not means full 4GB, even 8 GB pendrives or memory cards have space upto 7 GB+).

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