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How to choose an affiliate product to sell

Affiliate Marketing – Part 5


How to choose an affiliate product to sell?

4 Top Evergreen Niches (a lot of products) to consider for selling affiliate products.
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Romance/Dating
  • Hobbies/Activities
Follow these points:
1. Choose the product you are passionate about it but check how much it is already selling online.
2. Trending product. (I shall share with you “Launch Jacking” technique in the relevant post).
3. People buy on emotions, not on logic, choose a product that fulfill customers desires and hit their emotions.
4. Shoppers often spend more on their guilty pleasures and all selling brands know about it.
5. Find evergreen products.
6. Stick to the virtual products specially if you are a newbie.
7. Choose products with higher conversion rates.
8. Look if there is enough demand for the product in the search engine i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo.
9. Choose a product that brings benefits to customers.
Tip: When you search affiliate products to promote, almost all affiliate network shows Product’s EPC (Earning Per Click) – Some of Affiliate Networks called it “Visitor Value”.
EPC is actually EPHC (Earning Per Hundred Clicks), it means How much you earn per click if you send 100 prospects to this offer/product. Focus on Higher EPC.
Its also consider when you promoting the product as your marketing CPC (Cost Per Click) must be lower than EPC. Different between your EPC and CPC is your actual profit.


1. Promote multiple products at once, its recommended to always promote 1 offer with higher commission i.e. $297, $477, $999 in commission. Your cash flow is very important to sustain your affiliate business.
2. Never focus only on commission, consider EPC as the most important factor when choosing an affiliate product to promote.
3. Never focus on the product which has commission less than $20. Its secret sauce….
4. EPC must be greater than $1. Higher the EPC means higher the chances to sustain your business.
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