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How to choose Affiliate Network

Affiliate Marketing – Part 4


How to choose Affiliate Network?

Here are different affiliate network details for your consideration. Read it carefully and choose the best affiliate network which fit for you.
1) Amazon (Mostly Physical Products)
Commission : 1% to 6%, few items have 8% to 10% commission.
Payment Methods: International Direct Deposit (Receive money in your local bank account)
2) ClickBank (Mostly Virtual Products)
Commission: 50% to 75% – Few items have 90% commission.
Payment Methods: Direct deposit, Payoneer, Check, Wire transfer (In your local bank account)
3) Commission Junction (CJ)
Commission: Varies
CJ is the world’s top affiliate network where you can find multiple brands affiliate offers i.e. Apple affiliate program, Fiverr affiliate program, etc.
Payment Methods: Bank Deposit
4) JVZoo
Commission: 50% to 100% (Yes 100% commission because they have OTO one time offers)
Payment methods: Paypal, Bluesnap, JVZoopay
5) WarriorPlus
Commission : 50% to 100% (Yes 100% commission because they have OTO – one time offers)
I shall discuss OTO with complete details in the Product Launch Series where you will find how to launch your own virtual products online and make thousands of sales in the first 2 weeks of your product launch.
Payment methods: Paypal, Stripe, Local Bank Transfer
6) Hosting Affiliate:
BlueHost and HostGator are best for payment and rewards. They provide you free landing pages/websites so it also saves you time, money and efforts.
On your landing page/Website you can offer hosting services less than the prices which actually shows on BlueHost/HostGator,
Shopify is offering $58 on average to $2000 commission per customer you refer. Shopify is the best option for recurring income, also they have great training.
Other best affiliate programs are AWeber, ConvertKit, BigCommerce, eBay, TripAdvisor, ShareASale, etc. There are a lot of other big names, do your best research before the start.


1. I suggest you start with Virtual Products. WarriorPlus / JVZoo are good options to consider at beginning, WarriorPlus is better, especially if you are newbie because their vendors (Product Owners) are active and supportive (specially they are active on social media).
In most cases they provide you pre-written high converting emails, banners, and creatives, templates even converting landing pages. Its save you time, budget and efforts.
2. Never focus only on commission, must-watch payment methods. Try to use which affiliate network you think it has better options for you.
3. Use “WealthyAffiliate .com“, no matter you are newbie or pro seller. There are 8000+ mentors/teachers available to teach you everything you need to learn about affiliate marketing. Use free version but if you invested in the upgrade, it will be your best investment you ever spend in past for affiliate marketing education and tools.
If found any mistake in this post, let me know I shall fix it.

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