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How To Cash Someone Else Skills? Skill No-1


How to cash someone else Skills? Skill No-1

Skill Number: 1

Skill Number: 2

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I will tell you 5 Top Selling Skills which you can sell to make more than 300$ a month!

I have Used All these So I will tell you according to my own Personal Experience!

Skill Number : 1

Article Writing 

Post in Groups that You Need article writer, and Ask them to comment down their Rate per word.

Now Pick 2,3 According to your choice which can provide Quality articles at a Good price!

Write Down their Price and Now think about the possible Price for your service on which you can get Orders as well.

Like you can easily get Writer for 1Tk/0.01$ per word.
(maybe 0.5 too, because a lot of people struggling to get jobs so I have seen a lot of Good writers doing a job at this cost as well, No Offence to writers )

***** Remember: Quality is Key to get success in any business so Choose someone who can provide Quality****

Now if you have a writer of 1Rs per words which mean 500 words cost you 500Tk/5$, if you sell this service for 600TK/6$+.

(at the start just to make your name by showing them Quality)

In my Experience when I have tried that trick I have offered free articles as well and in return got bulk of orders.

So you can use any kind of strategy.
If you want to increase your Profit !!!!

Here is another strategy

I will give you Article of 500 words + I will share articles in 10 FB groups and Google Plus Communities Free for you.

(Now with this additional service you can sell at 800Tk/8$+ too.)

Remember Strategy is important, you have to think outside of the box.

So Share your service in groups, on Online platforms, By advertising, or creating websites and using Google ads.

Still, I have students who are earning 1 Lakh per month by outsourcing Projects.

MD Omar makki

My name is MD Omar Makki, I’m working as Web Developer/Designer, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization), Hosting Provider, SMA (Social Management Account), Business Adviser, E-Commerce Business Developer from last 6 years.

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