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Fiverr Gig Image Tips

Gig image works similar to the food that we eat with a good presentation. And none of us eat if the food doesn’t look appetizing. If your gig is presented well, buyer will order automatically

  • Use bold and Sans Serifs font.
  • Don’t put any badge on gig image like level 1 seller badge, level 2 or top-rated badge icons.
  • You can put a guarantee or a quality badge.
  • Font size must be readable even in the mobile search results.
  • Don’t put too much text on gig image. 3 to 4 bullet points are enough. All the points should be related to the gig or you can write about express delivery, money-back guarantee, satisfaction, unlimited revisions, etc.
  • Don’t copy any gig image or don’t use any copyright image. You can use free stock images from Pexels or Unsplash.
  • Use images that represent your gig, don’t use irrelevant images. If you want to put your own picture, then use the front face picture with a smiling and confident expression.
  • The idea of multiple gig images could be the same but don’t use the same image for all the gigs.
  • Lastly, again telling you that add your main keyword in the title. It is the most important aspect of fetching the buyer to your gig.

And you must check other gig images before creating yours. Thanks and you can ask more questions about the gig image in the comments.

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