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Fiverr Buyer Friendly Title

A lot of people are making mistakes about titles and asking me what to write in their gigs title. So, I thought to explain it more

Fiverr Buyer Friendly Title

  • Use the main keyword in the title and capitalize it to gain attention.
  • Use easy and understandable English. All buyers aren’t native English speakers.
  • Add an attractive or emotional word like professional, breathtaking, awesome, amazing, etc.
  • Add the keyword first in your sentence so that the buyer reads it at first sight. For example, you shouldn’t write “I will be your professional and high-quality slideshow video creator” instead write it as “I will create slideshow video professionally”
  • The title must not be so long, it should be completely readable in the search results.
  • If your title is too small, you can add, “in 12 Hrs or 24 HRs” depending on your service.
  • Don’t make any spelling or grammar mistakes. Use Grammarly.
  • Title URL:
    As I have already told you that whatever you enter the first time in your gig title, it will create a URL and URL is unchangeable. So, first time add your keywords wisely. Don’t add repeated words like video slideshow, photo slideshow, slideshows, video editing.
    Instead add them as video, photo, slideshow, slideshows, editing, etc.

If you still have any confusion, ask me in the comments.

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