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Facebook Promote & Boost Through Bkash in Bangladesh

You Can Promote & Boost Your Facebook Page By Tech Makki in Bangladesh. And You Can Payment through Bkash, Rocket, Nagad in BDT.


Facebook Promote & Boost Through Bkash in Bangladesh

Do you want to know how you can Boost your Facebook Page by bKash? The answer is here. Read throughout the article. And you’ll get to know the process.


What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Boost are paid messages that businesses place on Facebook. This gives you the flexibility to write in your own voice. Plus, you can reach the people who matter most to you, as explained in the social network’s beginner’s guide.

The essential component of this definition is the word “paid.” Anyone can post on their Facebook page for free—but you never know who’s going to see your post.

A paid ad lets you target a particular demographic, and you can be as specific or as broad as you’d like.

Facebook ad campaigns are available in a variety of formats. You also get to specify how much you want to spend, including:

  1. The overall amount
  2. Your daily budget
  3. Your cost per result

You even get to determine what user actions you want to pay for. That doesn’t mean that Facebook will only charge you when your ad works the way you want it to, but you can choose how they bill you, such as being charged by the number of views or clicks. You have different options depending on the goals you set for your ad for facebook boost.


Why should you choose to use Facebook ads?

With Facebook’s monthly active users increasing, and the social network’s ability to target your customers based numerous variables, running paid campaigns on Facebook seems like an obvious choice for most marketers.

This means your Facebook ads have a greater chance of being viewed by your target audience. And, because Facebook collects a lot of user data (such as age, location, and interests) you can create ads and post-click landing pages that are perfectly tailored to them.

Currently, more than 3 million businesses actively advertise on Facebook. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider Facebook as a viable paid advertising channel for your business.

  1. Growing audience size: Facebook now has a total of 2 billion monthly active users, of which 83% are women while 75% are men. Plus, Facebook’s Audience Insights make it a lot easier for marketers to narrow down their target audience.
  2. Attention: People spend a lot of time on social networks. Marketers can leverage this time to put the right ads in front of the right people.
  3. Targeting options: Facebook offers allow businesses to target users by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior, and much more Facebook Boost.


Is it possible to boost Facebook Pages by bKash?

The answer is, yes, it is possible to boost your Facebook page by bKash, Rocket, Nagad. However, there is a but. Facebook only accepts international Credit and Debit cards. Facebook doesn’t accept any payments directly via bKash. Yet you can boost your pages by bKash service with the help of any third-party agency. Our Tech Makki Agency serves the purpose of Facebook Advertising in Bangladesh at its best.

Tech Makki Agency ensures you reach the right person, at the right place with the right message. We accept Facebook advertising payment by bKash and promote your page on your behalf.

Just tell us your requirements and you will see the results shortly. We analyze your Facebook page contents and guide you with every possible input to promote your Facebook page.

Why should you Boost your Facebook Page?

Boosting your Facebook post is spending your ad budget growing the reach of your Facebook post & reaching the targeted audience. To expand your business through Facebook, boosting your Page is a necessity.

We all know that Facebook is free for everyone. But regarding extending your business, investing in Facebook marketing helps to spread your industry. Free posts comparable to Boosted posts affect a lot to gain more organic impressions. It increases the visibility of the post.

Demographic targets can easily define your potential users. Because it picks out customers based on their age, language, gender, relationship, education, work, location. Facebook analyzes their behavior on the platform and shows your boosted post according to your target. This will benefit you to reach your potential audience and meet your boosting goal.

You can set up the cost according to your budget while boosting. Besides that, there are many benefits to promoting your Facebook page.

    • Increase Visibility:

Boosting your posts or page increases your page visibility to the users. But making this your advantage is up to you. If your page content is enticing, you will get more likes. And more likes means you are reaching out to more people, thus your page is visible to more audiences.

There are numerous business pages on Facebook. To outstand those pages, you need to boost your business page. The more your page shows up to the audience, the more organic impression you get.

    • Improve Brand Reputation:

Facebook offers tons of opportunities and enhances your outreach strategy. You can improve your brand awareness by fulfilling your business objectives. So, Facebook advertisements increase your brand reputation as well. It helps to gain trust for your targeted customers too.

    • Retarget Marketing:

Retarget marketing means targeting those users who have already visited your page or website and at least known about your brand. Facebook retargeting can drive conversions, sales, and ROI.

    • Get clicks and conversion:

Facebook boosting will rapidly increase the number of clicks and conversion rate too. The boosted page will appear to your targeted consumer’s profile regularly so that they could convert into your potential customers.

    • Measure your page performance:

You can easily measure your page performance by boosting your business page. You can see the insights of your page, measure the audience reach, analyze the growth.

Thus you can easily manage your business precisely which will help to grow your business even more.

How to boost your Facebook post?

Posting on your business page as a regular post and boosting a post has some different features. A regular post cannot help reaching out to your chosen people but a boosted post does.

Facebook made it very simple to boost your post.

  • You post your content on the page.
  • There is a “Facebook Boost post” button so you tap on it.
  • There appear a lot of options and ranges to set up the campaign. Select those.
  • Now add a budget for it. Then you give your card information to pay the amount.

As Facebook never accepts through bKash, you have to consult a third-party specialist for promoting your post. If you want to pay with bKash, give access to your resources to your reliable third-party agent. And they will do the rest.

To get noticed by your targeted audience, boosting can give you a positive outcome. But you can do some other chores helping the boosting process.

1. Invite your Facebook Friends to Like your page:

You can invite people in your friend list to like your business page for  Facebook Boost. It is a common practice among Facebook page owners. You can also ask them to share your posts to get noticed by more people.

2. Post Original Contents:

Original content has the ability to get your reach much higher. People don’t like repetitive content. They always like uniqueness. So keep your post content original and readable to everyone.

3. Interact with other Users:

Interacting with other users on Facebook through your business page can make your reach better. It makes a good impression on other users too. Also, your page will be shown in others newsfeeds with whom you are interacting too.

4. Post on the Right Time:

Posting at the right time is important. Make sure to post when your audience is on Facebook. It will appear on their newsfeed the moment you post something. This will gain you more likes on the post.

5. Make a Facebook Group for your Business Page:

Make a Facebook Group and invite users of your friend list to that group for Facebook Boost. Now, if you post something on your group, your group members will get notified of that post. This will help you to get more leads.

Things to avoid while doing Facebook Page Boosting:

The above activities will work if you avoid some mistakes while boosting.

    1. Not specify objectives:

If you don’t have a clear idea about your goal, this will harm your post-boosting.

    1. Wrong Targeted Audience:

Your chosen audience should be the right type. The wrong type of targeted users will never get you a positive result.

    1. Running too many ADs on a Lower Budget:

Running too many AD campaigns on a lower budget instead of trying out big-budget campaigns can also boost your Facebook page.

    1. Not using Localization:

Using localization is a must while boosting. If you don’t select a particular area to target that local audience, you can never get a good consequence.

Stay away from these mistakes, and you are ready to go. You will see the difference within a very short time.


1. What is the meaning of Facebook post boosting?

Facebook post boosting is spending money on your pages’ posts in return for reaching out to the audience of your choosing. When you boost or promote a post, it will show up in your target audience’s newsfeed as an Ad.

2. Are Facebook Ad and Facebook post Boosting the same thing?

Well, yes. Facebook Ad and Facebook post boosting are similar yet there is a slight difference. A Facebook post boost is simply boosting through your business page. Just click on Boost Post and follow the rest. But Facebook Ads are campaigns, created by Facebook Ad Manager.

3. Is it necessary to hire a Third-party Agency to boost my Facebook page?

The third-party agency has the expertise. They analyze all over your Facebook page. They follow the guideline of the Facebook Algorithm to make sure you get the best possible result. Also, third-party agencies take payments through bKash so you don’t have to bear all the hassle of Card pay. But if you own a Card to pay and you think that your expertise in this can do better, you can obviously go for it.

4. Is it reliable to pay for Facebook Ads via bKash?

Yes, it is reliable to pay for Facebook Ads via bKash. Because when you are paying with bKash, you are definitely going through a contract with your reliable third-party agency. So it is completely safe.

5. How many leads can you expect as a result of Facebook marketing?

It depends on your spending budget. Facebook defines how many leads you will generate from that boosted post. For more leads, you need to spend more money.

6. Is there any spending limit on Facebook advertising?

The Ad spending limit is set from the time your business Ad campaign has started. You can add or delete your Ad campaign but your spending limit is not. It can be changed from Ad Manager, but it won’t show the potential result you are looking for.

7. Does Facebook advertising really work?

If you want to grow your business on Facebook, this advertising really works. It promotes your page and reaches out to your targeted audience in no time. You will see the results guaranteed.

End Note

Facebook Marketing is absolutely free of cost. You can create your business page. You can post or share content on the page for free. But when it comes to boosting your post or promoting your page, the cost depends on your budget. And boosting your Facebook page via bKash is easy now. You don’t have to bear all the hassle of Card pay or Bank transaction. You can use Rocket, Nagad, Upay, DBBL, etc. mobile banking services or bank wire transfer to pay for boosting your business page.

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