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Easy way to finding IP address from website URL

Hi Guys,

Well this article is the most easiest thing that you could ever find.Here we will find out the IP address of any website from its URL.

IP address is required during many tasks that you perform, like for blocking a website you will require IP address, & many more interesting stuff that I will be sharing in my next articles.

Let’s start with the steps:

1. Open command prompt on your windows machine.

– press “Window key+R” together to have a run prompt opened.
– Type in “cmd” in the text box appeared.
– Command Prompt will open right in front of you.

– Now all you have to do is just run a ping command on the website whose IP address you want. for example “ping”.

Here is the IP address of the required website. Similarly, you can find IP address of any website that you wish to.

This works on UNIX/Linux operating systems as well, in UNIX/Linux you will have terminal window instead of command prompt. But command will be the same “ping”.

That’s it for this article guys.

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