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Creating and Spreading virus from a Pen-drive

Hi Guys,
You must be interested in creating a self executable virus.

Sound interesting? 🙂
Well, then you are at a right place. I am gonna show you how to spread virus from a pen drive.

Everybody is having a pen drive these days, so its easy to play around with this small virus trick.

———So here we go———



Open your notepad and write:


Now save this file as ‘autorun.inf’


Put this ‘autorun.inf’ and your actual batch virus ‘anything.bat’ in pen drive.

When the victim would plug in pen drive, the autorun.inf will launch anything.bat and commands in batch file virus would execute.

Now it depends on you what you want to put inside your batch file. 🙂

[Note: This post is only for educational purpose, try this at your own risk]

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