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Contents, Images, Videos, Landing Pages Generation & Autoresponders

Affiliate Marketing – Part 7


Contents, Images, Videos, Landing Pages Generation & Autoresponders.

  • a) Content Ideas
Write Articles, Images, Find Relevant Videos & Embed in Your Post.
How to Find / Generate Contents?
  1. Talk About the Things Your Customers Desire
  2. Talk About the Fears of Your Customers
  3. Create Detailed “How To” Tutorials of Your Product
  4. Highlight the Common Mistakes of Your Target Audience
  5. Share Case Studies and Success Stories
  6. Share Tips and Best Practices for Using Your Product
  7. Connect Different Events and Holidays With Your Product
  8. Create Product Roundups for Your Niche
  9. Share Free Online Tools and Apps With Your Audience
  10. Recommend the Best Books in Your Niche
  11. Compare Multiple Products in the Same Niche
Important Note: If you have the plan to hire someone to write for you there is an easy way to find a relevant expert writer. Just put your keyword in google and find blogs. Read posts on blogs and find a writer at the bottom of the post. Try to hire them because they are already publishing contents related to your niche so they know well about your niche. It saves you time and energy.
  • b) Images:
Use Free Stock Images Using
Images on Pexels are free stock images so use it wisely.
  • c) Videos:
Find relevant videos on youtube. Importantly focus on those videos which don’t have affiliate links.
Some time product owners provide product-related videos to the affiliates so can use it in your articles/posts.
  • d) Landing Pages:

Why Landing Pages?

Biggest mistake affiliate marketers make that they promote a website and wait for sales, NO WAY.
As I already mentioned in previous posts that you need a sales to funnel to sell your/affiliate products. There is a customer journey, educate first then sell. So you need landing pages to capture emails then send occasional planned emails. In email series, you educate them about the purpose, product, etc.
Product owners provide you email templates to use, specially virtuals product owners. Use these email series & close the sales.
Question: What is the Landing Page?
Answer: A web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website. We use Landing Page to capture email of prospect using AutoRespoinder.
Landing Pages Generation:
Create Free Landing Pages using quickpages .co, few clicks and you are good to go.
  • e) AutoResponder
Use MailChimp as your AutoResponder if you are a newbie as they provide a free account for your first 2000 subscribers. Here is a basic setup tutorial of MailChimp.
I personally prefer to use AWeber as AutoResponder as there are a lot of features.



  • If you are focused on SEO, never use copied contents. Write to yourself or hire someone to help you in content writing. If you are promoting affiliate products using other methods than SEO you can use contents provided by the product owner but try to be unique and better to write yourself or hire writer.
  • In the next few posts, I’ll share with you Different Unique Marketing Methods. SEO is not my focused marketing method and I’ll show you all possible marketing methods (paid & free) other than SEO. If interested in SEO, learn it in the group, there are few SEO experts already doing their job very well, follow them.

Questions are welcome.

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