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Make Fork Bomb

Guys, what do you understand by a Fork Bomb?

Most of you must be aware of this, but today I am going to show you the smallest virus that can act as a grenade.

Believe me, you are gonna love this virus. It basically consumes all the CPU resources & makes it hanged.

This code creates a large number of processes very quickly in order to saturate the process table of windows. And it will just hang the windows. No solution is other than reboot the windows.

& if this virus is present in the startup folder, god saves you. 🙂

(if this is in the startup, then also it can be prevented, I will show you that in another article)

So here is the code:

Tiny but most powerful:


Just copy these 5 characters in notepad & save it as a .bat file. run this & be amazed of it. 🙂



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