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How to shutdown computer from cmd

A quick way to shutdown or restart your computer or to schedule a computer shutdown in some time without any external software. Most of you are using software to schedule a system reboot or shutdown.
But a geek never relies on any software. Right? 🙂

Here we go:
Just open your command prompt & play around. 🙂

1. For Shut Down

shutdown -s

2. For Restarting computer

shutdown -r

3. To Log-off

shutdown -l
-s, -r, -l parameters tells your computer to perform which action from above.
Now, what if you want to shut down your computer at a specified time. No worries 🙂
we have another trick to do so:

Scheduled Shutdown:

shutdown -s -t 120
shutdown computer from cmd
That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more. 🙂
Good day guys…

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