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How To Get Canva Premium Account Totally Free

How To Get Canva Premium Account Totally Free

Today, I am sharing a trick to create Canva Premium Account For Free.


  1. A Free Canva Account ( we will convert it into Premium)
    1. Go To This Link: Canva.com
  2. A Credit Card ( we will make it in next steps )


  1. Create a Free Canva Account (If you have already, then no need to create a new one)
    1. We will convert it into Premium.
  2. Go To This Link: Fack Card Generator
    1. Click on The Link Provided in Notes.
    2. Generate MasterCard OR VISA OR American Express
    3. Copy Details
  3. Open your Canva Account and go to Upgrade it.
  4. Use the details you got in Step 2 and Fill in the Card No., CVV, and Expiry Date.
  5. Click on Claim your Trial.
You are Done! After Your Trial is Over, Repeat The Process with a New Account and New Credit Card. Enjoy…



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