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Best BDIX FTP Server List in 2022


Best BDIX FTP Server List in 2022

What Is BDIX?

The full meaning of BDIX is Bangladesh Internet Service Exchange. No matter how fast you take the internet connection from this server, you can easily download the files from that server at a very fast speed. Recently BDIX has been created by all the high level ISPs or major ISPs of Bangladesh. In other hand, suppose 100 ISPs in Bangladesh have created BDIX, then if your ISP has BDIX supported, then you can download from BDIX server, that means you can download this 100 ISPs from FTP servers at high speed.


FTP means File Transfer Protocol. FTP is nothing but a piece of software that is used to store files within it and share those files with others. Files are transferred to the devices that are connected with FTP Server. Devices that are connected with FTP Server can download any file with the help of a program named FTP Client. Any device can be connected with FTP Server if the server permits the device for connecting. Moreover, devices can be connected to FTP Server with the help of a username and password provided by the server. Availability of the internet is necessary for downloading any file.

Benefits of BDIX FTP Server

Multiple files can be transferred from one device to another at a short period of time
The sending procedure will start from the point at which it stopped due to the discontinuation of the internet
Have the option to send any file by allocating a schedule
Increase the speed of the internet
Users can enjoy live streaming, videos, and a lot more
Business organizations can easily share any data without any hassle
Securely shares any file from one device to other
Users can download any file
All links are verified and spam-free
No download limitation bounded

Why BDIX Movie Server List 2022 is very important for a Bangladeshi Movie Lover?

The demand for Bangla movies is increasing day by day. People are more intend to watch Bangla movies besides Hollywood and Bollywood. But it is unfortunate that many Bangla movies cannot be easily found on the internet. Unlike Hollywood or Bollywood, Bangla movies are hardly uploaded to any website.
BDIX Movie Server List will help you to get the links for all Bangla movies. From this link, you can download the movie very easily and securely. As there is no limitation bounded so users can download as many movies as they want to. So now you don’t have to wait or visit theaters to watch your favorite movie. You are just one click away. Click the link added below and enjoy your movie.

BDIX FTP Server List 2022

Here below, you find the best / top BDIX Server List 2022, BDIX FTP Server List 2022, BDIX Movie Server 2022, All FTP Server BD 2021, movie server bd, Dhaka FTP server, 18 FTP server bd, ICC FTP server bd, Bossbd FTP server, BDIX FTP server, info internet-FTP server, unique FTP bd Server List. So, staying with us and check the below list.


  1. Movie Mela Live
  2. Movie Haat
  3. VootBd
  4. Natural BD
  5. Boss BD
  6. Moja Loss
  7. The Introvision
  8. Fun Time BD
  9. Quick Online FTP
  10. E-Box File Server
  11. IT Base BD
  12. Movie Server – English
  14. Movie Server – Bangla
  15. Dhaka Movie
  16. Seba IT
  17. Panda Club BD
  18. Jhal Muri
  19. Asian FTP
  20. [email protected] BD
  21. Dhaka – FTP
  22. .Net Movie Server
  23. VdoMela FTP 
  24. Media FTP
  25. GenVideos
  26. Dnet Drive FTP
  27. Inspire FTP
  28. Bongo BD FTP

BDIX Server List 2022 – All BDIX FTP Server List 2022 BD

  1. http://www.netathomebd.com/
  2. http://www.bdixftp.com
  3. http://media.netmatrixbd.com
  4. http://anthousebd.net
  5. http://bdplex.net
  6. http://www.freemediabd.com/Home/
  7. SamFTP
  8. http://movieboxbd.com/
  9. http://www.megaplexbd.com/
  10. http://bokashoka.com/
  13. http://www.ftpbd.net/
  14. http://www.bdspeed.com/
  16. http://dhakaftp.com/
  21. http://www.naturalbd.com/
  22. http://www.moviemela.live
  23. http://www.Bossbd.net
  24. http://www.mojaloss.net
  26. http://fs2.ebox.live
  27. http://fs.ebox.live
  28. http://theintrovision.com
  29. http://www.movieserver.net/
  30. https://www.skynet.com.bd/ftp/
  31. http://www.bdfun.club/
  32. http://funtimebd.com/
  33. http://quickonlineftp.com/
  35. http://fileserver.ebox.live/
  37. http://circleftp.net/
  38. http://ftp2.circleftp.net/
  39. http://ftp3.circleftp.net/
  42. http://mtube.bdfun.club/
  43. http://itbasebd.net/
  45. http://em.dfnbd.net:81/
  46. http://em.dfnbd.net/
  47. http://bm.dfnbd.net/
  48. http://cm.dfnbd.net/
  49. http://bn.dfnbd.net/
  50. http://www.dhakamovie.com/
  51. http://www.elaach.com/
  52. http://fs.rangdhanu.live/FTP1/
  54. http://media.southlinkbd.com/
  55. http://www.cinebioscope.com/
  56. VootBd
  57. https://genvideos.org/
  58. mozbd
  60. INFO NET
  61. moviedaba
  62. http://moneybag.me/
  63. http://bitnetbd.com/
  64. http://pandaclubbd.com/
  66. midiplex
  67. jhalmuri
  68. asianftp
  69. moviepoka

Top BDIX Movie Server 2022 List

Latest Best BDIX FTP Movie Server List 2022

  1. Net at Home BD
  2. Naturalbd FTP Server
  3. Inspire FTP Server
  4. Movie Box BD
  5. ftpbd.net
  6. bdspeed.com
  7. naturalbd.com
  8. Bokashoka FTP Server
  9. Weblink Communications FTP Server
  10. Chine Bioscope FTP Server
  11. Movie Mela FTP Server
  12. Bdixservers FTP Server
  13. Dekh Vai FTP Server
  14. Timepass BD FTP Server
  15. BD FUN FTP Server
  16. BD FUN EMBY FTP Server
  17. Bongo BD FTP Server
  18. Media FTP Server 2

TOP Software FTP Server List 2022 BD

  1. AlphaMedia FTP Server
  2. Planet Communications FTP Server
  3. Midiplex FTP Server
  4. BossBD FTP Server 
  5. BDPLEX FTP Server 
  6. DNET DRIVE FTP Server 
  7. SAMONLINE FTP Server 

 BDIX FTP TV Server Link 2021 List


Always stay careful while downloading any file. Scanning the file is a necessary step that every user should go through for their safety. There are lots of servers that do not have any verified identity. BDIX FTP Server is very beneficial for internet users and providers. Users got the easy accessibility of download links for different categories. But the dark side of the BDIX FTP Server is that the broadband users cannot have the benefits of it.
Hope everybody got to know more about BDIX FTP Server from this article. Get started with BDIX FTP Server to get access to all the authentic and verified download links.


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