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50,000 REAL Facebook likes in less than 3 months


7 ways to get up to 50,000 REAL Facebook likes in less than 3 months

Getting organic likes is simple but requires the right strategy and hard work. Before I start, I want to reiterate the fact that ‘organic’ likes are always better than ‘boosted likes’. I will tell you more about this in a future post.

Anyway, let me return to the topic and now share the real ways to grow your Facebook page fast!

1. Invite friends to like your page – Checkout the right hand section of your Facebook page and invite everyone. Use the ‘Invite all’ feature to quickly invite everyone. You can also send invites to people on Messenger.

2. Invite post Likers to like a page – So you have a post or a video that did very well and got thousands of likes? Cool. But to retain these people for future content, you should invite the post likers to like your page as well. Just click on the likes of the post and you will see the ‘invite’ button in front of everyone. Use a chrome extension called “invite post likers extension” to automate this process.

3. Share your posts to groups with similar niches – Join 50 groups with similar niches to your posts and whenever you have a superb post, share your post to 50 groups. It may go viral!

4. Share posts on Facebook Messenger to friends. More details in a future post.

5. Join a ‘Share for Share’ community of similar page niches – There are a lot of pages which may have a similar niche to yours. Talk to them, form a group and share each other’s posts and send each other’s audience to your pages. If everyone has a minimum of 50k likes and you have 10 such people. Your combined audience will be 500k

6. Cross-post on all your Facebook pages – This is a secret Facebook feature. More details later.

7. Lastly, content is king. Write engaging posts.

Bonus tip: Facebook looks at posts that get instant likes, comments and shares. Create a group of friends who can like, comment and share your posts in the first 24 hours and your post may skyrocket.

Do let me know your thoughts. If you have any questions, Comment them below and I will reply to you.

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