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5 Essential SEO Tips and Tricks (2018)


5 Essential SEO Tips and Tricks (2018)

Here are some essential SEO tips and tricks for 2018!

1. Find the Right Keywords :

Here are a few ways to refine your keyword search:

• Incite Action: add action-oriented phrases
• Mention Your Location
• Add More Context

2. Don’t Skip on On-Page SEO Efforts : 

You’ll also want to ensure that your keywords are in a couple of key elements. Namely
• Page title
• Page meta description
• H1 or H2

3. Optimize Your Images :

It may sound intimidating at first, but it’s honestly really easy. You simply have to modify the image’s filename and ALT tag — that’s it.

4. Boost Your Backlink Profile :

Here are a few quick tips that will help boost your website’s backlink profile.

• Reclaim Lost Links
• Contribute content to relevant outlets
• Offer business partners special discounts
• Develop Skyscraper Content

5. Track Your Data :

Apart from backlink, some of the SEO tools that can help you with analytics are:

• Google Analytics
• Moz Pro
• Google Search Console

• Conclusion :

In order for us to succeed in convincing algorithms that we’re worth ranking in the top slots, we need to align our objectives with helping searchers.

Good luck!

MD Omar makki

My name is MD Omar Makki, I’m working as Web Developer/Designer, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization), Hosting Provider, SMA (Social Management Account), Business Adviser, E-Commerce Business Developer from last 6 years.

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