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3 Easy Steps To Make Your Site RANK


3 Easy Steps To Make Your Site RANK


1. Deeply research Your Niche. ⬇️

Researching is extremely important. If you don’t have enough data about your niche, you don’t stand a chance to rank on it. You should spend at least a few weeks to analyze the niche you want to work in.

Go through each and every competitor of yours and take note of what they’re doing.

2. Check out the content structure that your competitors are using ⛈️

Content structure plays an important role in ranking.

Check out what kind of structure is being used by your competitors. Tweak it a bit and use it for your site as well.

If they’re using it and ranking on top then it means it’s working for them.

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3. Implement without wasting your time. ✔️

We plan a lot of things in our mind but when it comes to implementing them, We fail.

Either we get in the loop of social media or become too lazy.

Stop watching YouTube and give that time to your blog. Implementation is THE MOST important stuff!


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